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HUUM HIVE Stone Cage

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The HUUM HIVE Stone Cage serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, making it an essential accessory for wood burning stoves. It effectively conceals the sauna furnace's chimney pipe and stores heat that radiates from the pipe. This results in an increased amount of heating stones for steam production while minimizing the proportion of hot metal surfaces in the sauna. You can easily mount the stone cage on top of the sauna stove, encircling the chimney pipe. Additionally, you can stack multiple stone cages on top of each other for added versatility.

  • Height: 43 cm / 16.9 in
  • Diameter: 30 cm / 11.8 in
  • Capacity: 30 kg / 66lb of sauna rocks
  • Suitable for all HUUM cages
  • Made of stainless steel