Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is the most abundant softwood species grown, harvested and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. Douglas Fir is manufactured into hundreds of products that are shipped world-wide and is considered the most versatile of softwoods with many uses. Douglas Fir items we stock include our full line of kiln-dried, Douglas Fir timbers (resawn or surfaced,) and our kiln-dried, premium grade dimension lumber and kiln-dried, appearance grade, Douglas Fir boards. Surfaced on the back and edges, the face is texture resawn making these boards an excellent choice for trim, fascia, soffits and siding when fine appearance and durability are required.

Clear Douglas Fir finish is highly valued for its strength, durability and fine appearance. It is manufactured into a variety of high-end products including flooring, paneling, millwork, doors, stepping and finish lumber. The natural beauty and warmth of clear Douglas Fir is always in style and will provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our timbers are dried in state-of-the-art conventional kilns that utilize a computer controlled low pressure steam system.


  • Douglas Fir boards are kiln-dried for stability. Warp, cup, twist and checking are minimized.
  • The knotty stock is selected for its appearance and sound, tight knots.
  • Clear finish lumber is kiln-dried for optimum stability. Warp, cup and twist is minimal.
  • Douglas Fir will work for interior or exterior applications.
  • Douglas Fir is harvested from sustainably managed forests.
  • Clear Douglas Fir is an excellent choice when the finest appearance is required.
  • It is available in many sizes and patterns and can be used for all interior finish applications. Window and door trim, flooring, stepping, wainscot, wall paneling, doors, shelving, molding and millwork.

 #1&BTR FOHC ( Free Of Heart Center) Minimizes the chance of warp, cup, twist and checking. 

S4S- (Smooth 4 Sides) Planner finish. Square edges. 

Resawn 4 Sides: Rough finish. 

Send us your material list for pricing.

FOHC- S4S : 

  • 3x4 to 3x12
  • 4x4 to 4x14
  • 6x6 to 6x16
  • 8x8 to 8x16
  • 10x10 to 10x12
  • 12x12

 FOHC- Resawn 4 Sides:

  • 2x4 to 2x12
  • 3x6 to 3x12
  • 4x4 to 4x12
  • 6x6 to 6x16
  • 8x8 to 8x16
  • 10x10 to 10x12
  • 12x12