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G-Tape Black Acrylic Adhesive Deck Joist Top Flashing- Size Options

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65ft G-Tape Nichigo Vandermeer Forest Products- Black Acrylic Construction Adhesive Deck Joist Top Flashing- Giving more life to your deck.

  • G-Tape is a high-quality self-sealing acrylic flashing tape used to seal and protect deck joists from wet-rot and moisture damage, especially at voids created by deck fasteners.
  • G-Tape can be used to professionally flash windows, doors, decks beams, etc. Use anywhere you need permanent protection.
  • G-Tape flashings have been recently tested for 50 year aging and have demonstrated to retain over 60% of original adhesion and over 100% of original tensile strength.
  • The main composition of G-Tape is a layer of high-density polyethylene cloth sandwiched between two low-density polyethylene laminated layers and an acrylic adhesive layer. These 4-layers create unmatched waterproofing properties with the ability to withstand long-term exposure to the sun without deterioration.
  • One of the most vulnerable points on your decking beams and joist is fastener penetration. G-tape utilizes a self-sealing technology that bonds with fasteners when penetrated, leaving behind a fully sealed penetration point. Much like a rain jacket protects us in the weather, g-tape does the same for your deck.
  • In addition to creating an extremely effective waterproof system for your joists and beams, its natural black color also has the added benefit of making hidden deck fasteners nearly disappear.

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