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Tan Nehalem Vinyl Gate 4in Pickets- Size Options

Original price $269.97 - Original price $676.64
Original price
$269.97 - $676.64
Current price $269.97
Tan Nehalem Vinyl Gate 4in Pickets with many options to customize your needs.
  • Made with 4in pickets
  • Gates do not include hinge, latch or Gate brace.
  • Find your options here
  • Optional gate brace 
  • Gates come completely assembled without hinge or latches.
  • Pick with or without aluminum reinforcement.
  • Gates are made to order and non returnable. 
  • Add a post insert to support your gate
  • Remember to account for our hinge and latch when setting posts
  • Gates are one inch narrower to account for hinge and latch 
  • Made in USA