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Wood Screw Structural F23- 50 count

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  • Starborn® Structural F23 screws are designed for heavy duty framing applications including decking, fencing, pergolas, landscape timbers, timber framing, and more. They are fully tested and code compliant alternatives to traditional lag screws and through-bolts, with no pre-drilling required. These versatile screws feature a low-profile flat head design that minimizes interference with connectors and finish materials, a unique Tri-Forge® point for reduced driving torque, and a high-adhesion exterior grade coating. The 4″ and 5″ lengths are specifically designed for code compliant deck ledger attachments.


    • IRC/IBC code compliant
    • No pre-drilling
    • Comparable to 1/2″ lag screws
    • 0.23″ shank diameter
    • T40 star drive head eliminates cam-out
    • Tri-Forge® Point provides a fast start, minimal splitting, and reduced driving torque
    • Speed-Knurl™ reduces friction on the unthreaded shank for faster installation
    • Black exterior grade coating has high-adhesion and is an ACQ approved alternative to hot-dip galvanized coatings

    • Fastener Properties and Design Values (DrJ TER 1703-05
    • Deck Ledger and Ledger to Stud Applications (DrJ TER 1703-01)
    • Cladding Attachment Through Foam Sheathing (DrJ TER 1703-04)
    • Multi-Ply Applications (DrJ TER 1703-03)