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SMART EVO FLEX TONE ‒ Color Changing Outdoor LED Strip Light

by inlite
Original price $318.99 - Original price $573.99
Original price
$318.99 - $573.99
Current price $318.99

The SMART EVO FLEX TONE 1M, 2M, 5M is a high-quality, flexible, color changing & dimmable LED light strip. This 1 meter fixture produces an even beam of light to highlight any edge, under-cap, riser, etc. This artistic yet functional fixture comes in 3 sizes (3ft, 9ft or 15ft) and you can customize its length, color and shape to fit into any design. 

*SMART BRIDGE (sold separately) required for Wi-Fi connection and to use with Smart Home products. Imagine a similar light output as the classic in-lite EVO FLEX, but with color.

Control each SMART EVO FLEX TONE individually through the in-lite App using a Bluetooth connection, SMART DRIVER 1 TONE, and SMART HUB-150.  Included: SMART EVO FLEX TONE 1M + SMART DRIVER 1 TONE + PROFILE + EASY-LOCK

  • Color-changing and warm white
  • Individual control via the in-lite App
  • Dimming/changing light intensity
  • Bluetooth and wifi* connection
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • UL & cUL Listed
  • 2.5 W