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IPE Hardwood Decking

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$4.76 - $32.00
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Not all IPE is created equal. We set the standards.

Ipe Decking sets the standard for residential & commercial hardwood decking products. Recognized for its rich dark walnut color and covered by a 25-year warranty, Ipe Decking is the gold standard of naturally durable hardwoods—no matter how hot the summer, no matter how brutal the winter.

Shipping is case by case: Please contact us- Pick up- there is no shipping charge. 

Please note that this is a non returnable item.

  • Sold per foot: A 500LF minimum applies. 
  • Local Lengths: Come in 8' to 20' long random lengths for local. 
  • Ship Lengths: Come in 8' to 16' random lengths
  • KD: Kin-dried, Kiln dried decking is superior in appearance, stability, surface quality and finish penetration.
  • Typical lead time: From the mill is 1-2 weeks, plus shipping if it applies.
  • Grooved: lead times are around 3-4 weeks, plus shipping if it applies. 
  • AD: Air Dried, Products 4" and thicker are air dried. 
  • Profile Finish: S4S- All of our hardwood is, Smooth four sides unless noted
  • Profile Finish: E4E- Eased four edges- All of our hardwood is, With eased/rounded edges on all four sides unless noted.
  • Size: 1"x6" Nominal Size, equals to 3/4" x 5-1/2" Actual Size
  • Size: 5/4x6" Nominal Size, equals to 1" x 5-1/2" Actual Size
  • Also known as: Yellow Poul, Bethabara, Tabebula Serratifolia, Pau d'Arco and Ipe Tabaco.
  • Iron Woods® Ipe decking is supplied as partially dried or kiln-dried lumber.
  • Store wood out of direct sunlight and allow it to acclimate and stabilize to the installation area’s humidity before installing.
  • Some air-dried boards may show marks from sticker or breather strips. Generally these marks and watermarks blend in when the sealer is applied. If still visible, they will dissipate during the next year as the deck fades.
  • We recommend carbide-tipped saw blades and high-quality drills for smooth cuts.
  • These spans are designed for Ipe to allow for minimal deflection of the deck surface. Contact us for maximum spans and engineering data.

IPE Decking