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HUUM UKU Controller

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The UKU Sauna Control Systems offer two tailored options for your sauna experience: the UKU Local and UKU WiFi systems.

UKU Local Control System: Ideal for immediate, on-site sauna heating without the need for a network connection. This system features a stylish wall-mounted control panel, allowing you to adjust temperature, heating time, and other settings with ease. It's designed for those who prefer a more hands-on approach. The system is also expandable – if you decide later to control your sauna remotely, you can upgrade the system with Wi-Fi capability. Safety is paramount, with built-in overheating protection and a child lock.

UKU WiFi Control System: Perfect for saunas in Wi-Fi-enabled areas like homes or offices, this system lets you heat your sauna remotely using your mobile phone through the HUUM app. Set the heating schedule, target temperature, and receive notifications when your sauna is ready. Like the UKU Local system, it also allows for control of sauna lighting, ventilation, and steamer, and includes the same safety features.

Both systems come with a sleek CLASSIC Black control panel, with the option to personalize your setup with CLASSIC, GLASS, or WOOD designs to match your style. Whichever system you choose, UKU ensures a seamless and safe sauna experience, tailored to your preferences and needs.