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HUUM HIVE Wood Sauna Heater

Original price $1,678.00 - Original price $2,252.00
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$1,678.00 - $2,252.00
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The HUUM HIVE Wood Sauna Heater offers a modern twist on traditional sauna construction. Designed with a sleek round shape, this wood-burning stove showcases the natural beauty of the stones and boasts a large capacity for long-lasting and gentle steam. Its well-crafted construction ensures efficient burning and a strong flame, with a 5 mm stainless steel flame tamer that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Plus, with the option to add a heat exchanger for heating water, this sauna heater provides a truly authentic and cozy experience with the warmth and crackling of a live fire. Perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity of a traditional sauna or lack access to electricity, the HUUM HIVE Wood is the stylish and reliable choice for a sauna retreat.