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HUUM HIVE Heat Sauna Heater

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The HUUM HIVE Heat Sauna Heater is a powerful and environmentally sustainable wood-burning stove. It features a unique construction that introduces fresh air from above, resulting in a strong flame that effectively burns all wood inside the furnace. This allows the stove to utilize wood gases that are typically lost through the chimney, making it a highly efficient and eco-friendly option. The furnace door is crafted from durable cast iron and the stove is treated with natural oils.

Meeting the strictest German environmental standard BimSchV II, the HUUM HIVE Heat Sauna Heater is a top-quality and sustainable choice for any sauna. The comforting ambiance created by the warmth and flickering flames of the fireplace will help you relax and escape from the chaos of your daily routine. With the ability to heat the sauna from an adjacent room, the HIVE Heat 12 LS offers a truly genuine and traditional sauna experience.