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HUUM CLIFF Electric Sauna Heater

Original price $1,564.00 - Original price $2,247.00
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$1,564.00 - $2,247.00
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The CLIFF electric sauna heater embodies the rugged beauty of Nordic cliffs with its exceptional natural stone facade, not only captivating in form but also designed with efficiency and eco-sensitivity at its core. This heater distinguishes itself through a resourceful production process that repurposes stainless steel remnants from the manufacture of STEEL electric heaters, thereby maximizing material utilization and reducing waste.

Its compact and slender silhouette is optimized for small saunas, while an innovative internal air tunnel boosts heating efficiency by 25% and prolongs the lifespan of its elements. It is loaded with a generous volume of stones to produce soft and sustained steam for a soothing sauna experience. Celebrated for its design, the CLIFF heater was honored with the prestigious RedDot Award in 2021.