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Heavy Duty Ground Screws

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Simple. Solid.  American Ground Screw offers a wide range of ICC certified, Model 3 open top screws. The ICC certified screws are code compliant for uses listed in section 2.0 of our ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR-4226). If your project requires permit or code approval, rely on our ICC line of screws to help you get it done!

  • 63inch Long.
  • Ground screws with ICC certification and an extensive list of applications.
  • Great for residential, commercial, industrial and more..

• Q235B Steel
• Continuous Welded Helix
• Hot-Dipped Galvanized According to
ASTM123 75 micron (avg. min. 0.0762 mm)



Temporary Structures



Caisson Replacement

Tie Backs

Art Installations


Ground screw solutions for construction

Our professional-grade ground screw systems create reliable foundations for a wide variety of light industrial projects, from anchoring wooden structures to fencing, footbridges and storage containers.

Quick to assemble without the need for concrete footings or excavation, our solution dramatically reduces your labor and materials costs while minimizing environmental impact. You can rely on our solutions at American Ground Screw to create ease in your workflow and timely results, without unnecessary labor and expenses.

Our ground screws for foundation settings provide more stability and reliability in your structures, and we’re proud our tools work on a range of applications. Building a new house? Look no further! Our screw piles and anchor piles are durable, tested, and backed by professional customization.

Building a new deck or pergola for your property? Easy! American Ground Screw’s ground screws for decks can bring your project to fruition with time and money back in your pocket. Let American Ground Screw be your trusted partner for all your ground screws for foundation settings and supplies!