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FastenMaster- Lateral Tension System- 4 pack

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The Lateral Tension System is a complete system designed to transfer the lateral forces on an exterior deck when attached to the wood frame of a structure.

Installation Instructions

  • Comes as a 4 pack.
  • Installed in four locations along the length of the ledger
  • One within 2' of each end of the ledger with two more evenly spaced between.
  • Install the fastener first and then add the bracket.
  • No need to access the interior the house.
  • Designed to resist 750 pounds in tension per location.

The Lateral Tension System is approved for the five most common installation conditions:

  • Condition A: Sill Plate or Wall Plate Behind Ledger
  • Condition B: Sill Plate or Wall Plate Directly Below Ledger
  • Condition C: Sill Plate or Wall Plate 2” – 5” below Ledger
  • Condition D: Wall Stud in line with Deck Joist
  • Condition E: Wall Stud between Deck Joists